why life is here if life is here why death is there ?

hello!the question very nice but what happens is you have been talking about the life and death but you are mistake is you are saying life is here and death is there?why you are so against the death the death is also here the day you accept that death is also here after that day there will be no fear for you about the death

i will tell you a story this story was told by my grand mother ,she wanted to tell that no one can escape from death . so the story begins like this …

once there was a king and if he is a king he is very rich and he has been purchased everything and he wanted to go very place and do lot of joy and fun and many days were gone and one more thing is he used to have some astrology session like for the kingdom and himself like in that time everyone usually accept what the astrologer is telling like the person always predicts the future so one day it came to a session and the person told that you will die next day wow!the king is not allowed to cut his hand after all he is a very famous saint so the king asked that what should i do if you have any solution please tell .

the saint said that you don’t go any where stay in home so the saint went from the kingdom the king tried doing all the things which are important to do and he prepared everything so he was so confident that i will not go any where ! i will not die the sun raised so the heart beat of the king started going very fast but still he was with his hope that i will not go out,i will not die

but if you are a king or any one you have to fill your hunger and thirst so the king asked the guards for water they have been used some technologies (i am not joking) it means all the possible steps to check the water that it does not have any poison
but it took hours to fill the thirst of king . the king was so angry but still he was surviving on the death day he is quite happy so its time for the hunger so the king ordered the food but knowing that it will take hours to check for poison so he said that “GO TO THE FARM AND BRING SOME FRUIT ” the guards were on the kings track so they moved to the farm and they came with the fruits and now the king started eating he took a small fruit but a small ant came out of it and it has given a strike on his hand and he died !OMG




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